“No Words Can Describe How I Feel Right Now!”

“No words can describe how I feel right now! I feel like yelling to the world I FINALLY MADE IT!!! Yes I may be late because I made a bad choice, but I still finished with a diploma in my hand and I just want to thank this wonderful teacher Franklin Stover for giving me an amazing opportunity to better my future! I am truly honored to have my diploma signed by you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
S.S. -Phoenix

“RHS, You Saved me”

“RHS, you saved me. I needed this diploma to qualify for a student loan. I have 4 weeks to go to complete my cosmetology training. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You are a life saver!“
T.M. Phoenix, AZ
(Update: T.M. now has a station in a successful salon.)

“I finally got my DIPLOMA!”

“I am very grateful for this opportunity to help me get my diploma and I’m sure other students, for some reason did not finish school. They don’t have any excuse to not finish; we have the great help of a great person who did’t forget about us, Mr. Stover, and RECOGNITION HIGH SCHOOL ! Thanks. Yay!!! I finally got my DIPLOMA!!!! Thank you so much.”
R.A.T.I. Mesa, AZ

“Dreams Come True!”

“Hello, my name is M.A. and I am from another country, Somalia. I was in a refugee camp for 12 years. My most grateful most important step in life will be getting a diploma from Recognition High School. This diploma will help me in so many ways. It will change my life. I will be able to attend college, get a job showing my first step of education. To show my diploma to my grandmother who still lives in Somalia will be so amazing. They will be able to talk about me back home and discuss how I got my education in the United States of America. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and helping me see my future and my dreams come true.”
M.A. Phoenix, AZ

“Increase their earning potential”

“Statically speaking, students who make the decision to drop out of high school, are setting themselves up for a lifetime of consequences.

Those consequences will be a lower quality of life, lower wages, higher medical expenses and a greater exposure to crime.

By graduating from high school students will automatically increase their earning potential and decrease health risk associated with living in poverty.”
Ranata Hunter, Assistant Principal: Career Success Schools, Phoenix, Arizona

“Passion for helping students”

“I support the work and effort of Franklin Stover with his initiatives to bring Recognition High School to students who need additional academic support.  I have known Mr. Stover for about 9 years and can attest to his integrity and passion for helping students.  Mr. Stover places education as a priority as well as do I.  I have worked in higher education for almost 18 years in all facets and there are a lot of students that ‘fall through the cracks’ in a complicated education system.

I highly recommend Mr. Stover for this innovative educational endeavor.”
D.Hughes, Associate Director of Admissions: A.T. Still University, Mesa AZ

“Wisdom about life”

“I have known Franklin Stover, the founder of Recognition High School, since 1994 and have always known him to be a man of the highest integrity. In a variety of educational settings over the years, he has impressed me with the breadth of his knowledge in educational matters and his wisdom about life in general. I recommend him and his work without hesitation.”
K. Shull, Lead Curriculum Developer for Language Arts and Social Studies: American Virtual Academy, Phoenix, AZ

“Excellent results”

“I am a retired high school math teacher, and am currently a self-employed consulting actuary.  I have known Franklin Stover for four years and had the privilege of working with for two years.  Mr. Stover is an individual of the highest integrity and is an extraordinary educator  I have seen him achieve excellent results with struggling students.  I have no doubt that a diploma signed by Mr. Stove would be meaningful and well-earned diploma.”
L. Malkind

“Dedicated to helping all students succeed”

“Franklin Stover is a gifted professional educator dedicated to helping all students succeed.  Mr. Stover makes sure learning is both engaging, effective and fun.  His students are always treated with the highest degree of respect and given a great deal of individual attention.  Franklin’s compassion and concern for others has won him the respect of students and faculty alike.  I was one of his teachers for several years and I can tell you without reservation that Franklin Stover is someone you can trust to deliver excellence in education.  Having grown up on a farm Mr. Stover learned the value of hard work and honesty at a young age.   He strives to always bring out the best in others and to encourage them to be all they can.  It is this compassionate integrity that is perhaps his greatest virtue of all.”
M. Desjardins

“I highly recommend RHS”

“I have known Franklin Stover for many years and can attest that he is, in regards to the academic arena, the consummate professional.  He has thoroughly researched many areas, concerning the improvement of the urban learner, and only utilizes well known data to make decisions, academically, that will enhance the educational rate of all learners.  His passion to elevate learners to a higher rung is second to none and hence, when his discussion of Recognition High School (RHS) among his colleagues became a legitimate reality, I knew his focus was yet once again, to help those in need. I highly recommend RHS to all who might have been cast aside and are  knocking on the door of opportunity; they need not look any further.”
Mike Vega, M. Ed.


“It has been my privilege to have worked with Franklin Stover.  Franklin’s integrity, combined with his vast knowledge, provided insight and/or solutions to staff and/or student problems at Ecademie High School.  His effectiveness at analyzing a situation is amazing.  His patience teaching, counseling, and encouragement produced positive results!  Franklin is a driven professional with tremendous expertise in the field of education. Because of his passion for education, Franklin has always embraced professional development to enhance the learning environment. Franklin’s sound judgement combined with compassion provided staff and students confidence needed to make excellent life choices.  Franklin’s choice to help students graduate from high school that otherwise would not be able to finish high school, shows his dedication to education. Recognition High School is an exciting opportunity for students to receive a high school diploma.  I am impressed and grateful for Franklin’s courage to lead.  Franklin is an asset because of his tremendous leadership skills. He is an outstanding, dedicated educator that understands students’ educational needs and knows how to help students succeed in school, in life.”
L. Resh