How to Earn Your Diploma

How Recognition High School Helps Those Who Deserve a Second Chance at Earning a Diploma

Many students find themselves having finished thirteen years of school, homework and tests — only to discover (because they’ve had a challenge with a mandated state test) they will not receive a high school diploma.

That means for the rest of his or her life, the student is stuck in lower paying jobs than peers. What can be done about the situation?

The student could pursue a GED, but that takes a lot of time and isn’t as respected by employers as a diploma. Other students simply spend the rest of their lives struggling in lower paying jobs.

Now there’s a better choice. Students transfer credits to Recognition High School and get their diploma faster, with less hassle and expense.

Here’s how it works. Because RHS is a private school, students aren’t required to take the extra state tests (AIMS here in AZ) to get their diploma.

So, there is a good chance that right now students may already have the credits they need to earn a diploma . . . or may only need to pick up a few credits. Often, students can apply their work experience to earning credits.

The bottom-line? A diploma and it’s rewards may now be in reach: more money, better jobs, and a brighter future.

What’s the investment? If RHS can’t award a student with a diploma it costs nothing. If we can’t design a personalized program resulting in a student earning a diploma, he/she doesn’t owe a dime. We will give every penny back.

And if together we succeed, students get their diploma and a better, happier, richer life. 

Here’s how the pricing works. . .

• Application and transcript evaluation $35.00 (Submitted with application Refundable if RHS can not provide diploma)

• Diploma fee: $110.00 prior to printing and issuing diploma.

Get started to a better future right now by calling us at 1.800.482.7323 or email: