What’s A Diploma Mill?

What’s a Diploma Mill?

A diploma mill is a company that awards diplomas based on inferior education or no education at all; “send us the money; we’ll send you the worthless paper.”

RECOGNITION HIGH SCHOOL is an Arizona non-profit private school which receives no federal or state funds, and, therefore, is not mandated to require students to pass state mandated “high-stakes” tests.

RECOGNITION HIGH SCHOOL recognizes the work you have already put into your high school career and awards you the recognition you deserve, a diploma, based upon the credits you have already earned at your public high school or charter school, which RECOGNITION HIGH SCHOOL has evaluated and accepted for transfer as meeting the required earned credits for RECOGNITION HIGH SCHOOL graduation and diploma.

Students who may be a few credits short, may complete those credits through RECOGNITION HIGH SCHOOL via provided correspondence courses, using curriculum published by standard curriculum publishers. Fee’s for those courses will be determined according to the courses needed.