Mandated Test for Different States

RECOGNITION HIGH SCHOOL, an Arizona non-profit private correspondence school, serves public and charter school students who have completed, or nearly completed, all required courses of study to qualify for a diploma. RHS enables them to receive their earned diploma without having to pass state mandated high-stakes tests required of public school and public charter school students, but which are not required of private school graduates.

AL Alabama High School Graduation exam
AK Alaska High School Graduation Qualifying Exam
AZ Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS)
CA California High School Exit Exam (CHSEE)
MD Maryland High School Assessments (HAS)
MI Michigan Merit Exam or MI-Access
NV Nevada High School Proficiency Examination (HSPE)
NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards (CCCS)
NM New Mexico High School Competency Examination
OH Ohio Graduation Test (OCT)
OR Essential Skills
NY Regents or RCT
SC South Carolina Examination
TN Gateway Exams
TX Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS)
VA Standards of Learning (SOL)
WI High School Graduation Test (HSGT)
WY US and WI Constitution Test; Demonstrate proficiency on Uniform Student Content and
Performance Standards for Core Knowledge and Skills