Graduation Requirements

Recognition High School Graduation Requirements

Diplomas will be issued upon meeting either of the following:

Transfer credits from the sending school which complete the required course credits for graduation, or completing the following course credits by a combination of transfer and in-house credits:

Math: 3 credits including, but not limited to, basic math concepts, pre-algebra, consumer math, algebra, geometry courses

Language arts: 4 credits including, but not limited to, literature, writing, reading courses

Science: 2 credits including, but not limited to, earth science, life science, biology, physical science, chemistry, anatomy & physiology

Electives: 7.5 – 8.5 (less overages in l.00 credit required transferred core courses)

Social Studies: 2.5 credits

American history: 1 credit

World history: 1 credit

America Government: .5 credit

Total credits required: 20

(Transfer credits may be reclassified from or to elective classifications to correspond with RHS’s required credits.)