Recognition High School (RHS)

RHS is an Arizona non-profit private correspondence school that receives no federal or state funds, and, therefore, is not mandated to require students to pass state mandated high-stakes tests.

RHS recognizes the work you have already put into your high school years, and upon validation of your transcript credits (as meeting RHS’ required credits) issues the diploma you have earned and deserve.

Students who may be a few credits short, may complete those credits through RHS via provided correspondence courses, using curriculum published by standard curriculum publishers. Fees for those courses will be determined according to the courses needed.


Franklin F. Stover, MA

Mr. Stover has served students and families for more than 35 years as a private school administrator in California and Arizona.

During that time he became acutely aware of an inequity facing public and charter school seniors. Unlike private school students who only need complete their school’s required course credits to receive their diploma — graduating seniors attending public or charter high schools must also pass state mandated reading, writing, and math tests. Failure, by even one point, on any one of those tests denies the senior his/her diploma.

“My life has been dedicated to providing the best possible opportunity to youth for them to prosper in their lives both during their high school years and their post high school years. To that end, a DIPLOMA is an essential.”